Washington Odera, TKWL’s Project Manager, manages a team of 27 staff, TKWL’s finances, and strategic and development plans. He also makes sure that TKWL complies with all government regulations, and heads the student mentoring programme, among many other responsibilities.

“After completing high school my parents wanted to send me to college, but with low incomes and eight other children to take care of they were not able to afford it. To help my family I began working at a building site, working as a labourer for less than £1 a day. After a year I met one of the tenants, TKWL’s Field Worker Chris Wheat, and soon began to teach him Swahili. Four months later Chris offered me a job as an office administrator – my parents and I were so excited!

Since being offered the job in 2005 I have progressed both in academia and my career. One of the best parts of my job is seeing how the lives of people in Manyatta are changing. Children in most schools are classified in terms of their performances, but at Simon Newberry School we treat all of the children equally and with love because our values are Christ-based. This gives each child a sense
of belonging.

Through the sponsorship programme, TKWL has been able to help children who would never have been given an education, giving them a second chance in life. The charity also helps parents who don’t have a job to access training and loans so they can start businesses and become self-reliant. I am also proud of our mentoring and health education programme which is helping to support young people and encourage their personal growth.”