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NEws and Events

We do have children currently requiring sponsorship.

Please see our Sponsorship page for more details.


School news

Even though our Taekwondo group has only been learning for a few months, we decided to enter one of the local competitions. We were so impressed with their performance. Many of our team members won the matches in their category! So now that the school has reopened after the holiday, there is lots more training and practice going on to be ready for the next event. We were very grateful that we were able to borrow the uniforms again for this event.


Springtime in our school and some interviews with some Sponsored children from the past and what TKWL has done for them.

It’s that time of year again for many of our school students to get their new uniforms. The children starting in a new section of the school get their uniforms in January at the start of the school year. All the other classes usually wait until May. Each sponsored child gets a school uniform, a pair of school shoes and a PE kit.

Our children always love getting new uniforms as you can see from their smiles!

We have had a busy spring with a visit from the local fire brigade to teach our children and staff what to do in case of a fire. They were taught about raising the alarm, getting away from the fire, where to go and how to rescue someone if no one else is around.

Some of the children even got a chance to use some of the different fire extinguishers.

The children have also been busy cooking Mandazi a traditional street food .

The school have also got some pet rabbits for the children to learn about keeping animals.

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