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Sponsor a child and change a life

Your support helps to give a child an excellent education by helping to pay for:

  • School fees

  • School uniforms and shoes

  • School books and equipment

  • Medical expenses when unwell

  • Meals in School

  But it doesn’t stop there!


Many of our children have lost both parents and child sponsorship provides the support necessary to enable other family members to care for them, stopping them ending up in an orphanage or on the streets. 

What you get when you sponsor a child

As a TKWL sponsor, we will keep you regularly updated on the progress of your sponsored child. They will write to you twice a year and you will receive a photo each year. Through photos and letters you’ll be able to get to know your child personally and see the difference that sponsorship makes to your child. Our newsletters will also keep you informed about all of our activities.

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Do something incredible today - sponsor a child
How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

£25 per month finances a child in nursery or primary school.

£30 per month finances a young person in high school/college or university

What if I can’t afford the full amount?


If you are unable to commit to £25 every month but would still like to regularly support a child, we can arrange for you to part sponsor a child.


Whatever you are able to give will help to support the education of a child. 

What does a child sponsor say about sponsorship?

Julie has been sponsoring Jackeline since 2008:

“I started sponsoring after hearing a work colleague talk about TKWL. It is brilliant being part of something that you know is making a difference to a child and their family. In 2010 I had the privilege of visiting Simon Newberry School, and Jackeline in her home with her family. It was amazing to go and see where my money was going and see the difference sponsoring had made to Jackeline and her whole family.”

Where does my money go?

100% of child sponsorship goes overseas. Sponsorship funds help pay for school uniforms, shoes, school books and equipment, pay various school fees and cover medical expenses when they are unwell. You can be sure we’ll achieve as much as possible with every pound you give us, to change lives for good.


Gift aid form available Here

Children Currently needing sponsorship
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